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What is the Sh Level Up Service?
Sh Level Up Service is a service which can automatically trades keys for card sets and vice versa.
Why do I need to enter my trade link?
The trade link is needed to trade with our bots (using this website).
Where is my personal data stored?
Our service stores your data fully encrypted on a separate server.
Can I trade with the bot without providing my trade link?
Yes, you can by using the Steam chat.
Is there any difference when choosing a bot to buy sets?
Yes. At the moment, we have launched 5 specific bots for raising your Steam level, and one bot to exchange gems to keys and vice versa.
1. Low - For people who are just starting to level up: low prices. The maximum level you can reach using this bot is 100.
2. Normal - For people who want more, the maximum level to which you can climb using this category is 250.
3. High - A huge variety of sets, which allows you to reach a high level. The maximum level you can reach using this bot is 450.
4. Foil - For collectors of foil sets.
5. Summer/Winter - Trades the special event cards during the summer/winter sale.
Where can I see the prices for buying/selling sets?
When you select categories (On the main page) opens a panel with the selected bot where you can see the price and number of items in the inventory of bots at the moment.
Can I create badges for games I don't own?
Will I receive sets from badges I have already crafted?
Make sure you have crafted all your sets before buying from us (or buying again from us). This ensures you that we only send the sets you need.
Why can't I trade?
Make sure your profile and inventory is set to public, also make sure you have no trading restrictions.
What types of keys do you accept?
All CS:GO keys are accepted. In addition, we accept TF2 keys and gems.
What can I do when I have issues when using service?
Contact the support and we will help you out.
Where can I buy the keys to trade with with bots?
You can buy keys using third-party services or using the Steam marketplace.